Social Impact Summit 2024: Together for Good

Social Impact Summit is a two-day gathering of social impact leaders committed to meaningful change in our communities.

It’s Australia’s only event advancing cross sector collaboration through shared values, disruptive ideas and community building across the public, private and social sectors.

What's the Social Impact Summit experience?

Energy, momentum and opportunity are the heartbeats powering the program.

Across 2 days at UTS Aerial in central Sydney, more than 300 social impact leaders will hear from speakers, engage in panel discussions, participate in collaborative, hands-on workshops and start conversations in the many spaces set aside to gather. Take a look at what it feels like to be at Social Impact Summit.

Why attend Social Impact Summit?


  • Best practice insights and case studies for leading your organisation’s social impact journey ​
  • Learn strategies to create value for employees, customers and communities for wellbeing and growth ​


  • Insights to inform social programs, procurement and policy development ​
  • Build valuable, cross-sector relationships with social impact leaders ​


  • Discover emerging ideas and best practice approaches to impact measurement and community engagement​
  • Develop long term corporate and government partnerships to amplify and scale your social impact​​

Who's coming to Social Impact Summit?

#SIS24 is for leaders in corporate, government and social sectors working to prioritise social wellbeing, equality and sustainability over GDP growth. ​Here’s a look at the people who attend Social Impact Summit:

Job Title


You’ll leave the Social Impact Summit feeling not only hopeful, energised, and better connected, but also moved to take meaningful action. There’s a lot to do – and a lot to do differently – which is why we’re creating space to help make that change. Together for good.