Social impact leaders committed to meaningful change

We’re co-designing a diverse and impactful program for Social Impact Summit 2024. Each speaker comes ready to share their insights and expertise across our program of keynotes, panels, case studies and workshops. 

Explore the emerging lineup below. 

Key Speakers

Craig Foster AM
Author, Broadcaster & Human Rights Activist

Craig Foster AM spans the field of human endeavours from footballer to fair pay advocate to Father of the Year.

Working across a vast range of social programs including indigenous rights, homelessness, climate action and refugee advocacy, Craig joins the speaker line-up as a shining light of collaborative action and change making.  

Dan Bourchier
Australian Journalist & Television Presenter

Dan Bourchier is a multi-award-winning journalist, broadcaster and social commentator.

Dan’s career is driven by giving voice to the voiceless, holding to account those in positions of power, and telling really great stories. Dan brings a deep understanding of regional and national issues to his role as MC.  

Emma Watton
Strategy & Programs, Shared Value Project

Emma Watton is a globally experienced brand and purpose strategist who has committed the rest of her professional life to only working with organisations who are prepared to face their relationship with society.

She believes in creating better business for a better world and is the strategist for Shared Value Project. 

Jon Blackburn
Chief Financial Officer, Sydney Opera House

Jon Blackburn brings iconic perspective to the program as Executive Director, Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer at the Sydney Opera House.

Jon has a core understanding of the value that social impact brings across businesses small and large.

Toby Dawson
Principal & Founder, Tomorrow Together

Toby Dawson is a passionate social impact practitioner.

As the Founder of impact advisory firm Tomorrow Together, Toby brings deep knowledge of the suite of frameworks, initiatives and issues that can advance ESG outcomes.

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